Scottish Charity No. SC024295

David Shedden has been pastor of Penicuik Baptist Church since August 2014.

David was brought up in Darvel, Ayrshire. He then moved to Glasgow to study and work.


Training for Christian ministry in the Church of Scotland between 2003 and 2009, David then worked as an assistant to Matthew Brennan in Clonmel Baptist Church, Tipperary.

David's main task as pastor is prayer and ministry of the word, (Acts 6:4).

He shares the pastoral care and leadership of the church with our elder Barry Garth.


In the early 1970's a church planting work was started in Penicuik by an American missionary couple, Steve and Janice Worth. In the beginning a few people met in homes for Bible study and prayer. In 1972 people formally joined together as a local church of Jesus Christ.

Church meeting places have included a sports pavilion, a local scout hut and classrooms in one of the local schools. In the goodness of God, the church was able to purchase a building near the centre of Penicuik in 1980. Gradually the building was transformed into a place for worship and outreach.

In the 1980s the church adopted the 1689 Confession of Faith as its basis of faith.

Over the years the church has done door to door visitation. It has tried to reach young and old alike with the gospel through Bible clubs, Sunday schools and special outreach meetings.

Steve Worth was our pastor from 1972 to 2007 when he left to serve the Lord in Blackpool.

A new stage in the life of the church began on 3rd August 2014 when David Shedden enjoyed his first Sunday as pastor.

Barry Garth

David Shedden