Easter Leaflets 2018

At least once a year Penicuik Baptist Church usually distributes seasonal thematic leaflet tracts. We order 2000 to put through house letter boxes. We do this at Christmas or Easter time depending on other evangelistic work that the church is doing. This year we are putting out Easter tracts.

We use TELit tracts - www.telitquick.org - partly because that is what we've done for many years, and partly because we find it very convenient.

TELit tracts always contain a good number of great Bible verses. They are very easy to read.

Example of a TELit tract

Example of a TELit tract

There are very few ways to reach people with the gospel. That is simply a fact of communication. Despite the digital revolution there are only a handful of ways to share a message.

If someone is to receive the gospel, believe the gospel, and become a Christian - it is going to be through one of those ways.

Currently Penicuik Baptist Church is not in a position to tell everyone in Penicuik the gospel in person through speech. We hope this will not always be the case. Penicuik Baptist Church wants everyone to hear the gospel.

While we are not able to tell everyone the gospel - we are free and able to get the gospel into the vicinity of most people in Penicuik. Placing gospel literature through the front doors of most of the houses in Penicuik achieves this outcome.

We will not give up seeking to reach people with the gospel. The world was changed when Jesus appeared. Through his death and resurrection Jesus has opened up the way to eternal life and salvation from a lost eternity in hell.

Pray with us that people in Penicuik will receive that news, believe it, and become Christians through joining in the fellowship of the church. Pray for the success of our Easter leaflets 2018.