Who We Are

Penicuik Baptist Church is a fellowship of Christian believers.

Our membership consists of people who love and profess faith in the Lord Jesus.

Regular attenders and visitors add to the congregation on Sundays.

Below you can read about our elders and deacons - men appointed to particular service and oversight within the church. 

Barry Garth.jpg

Barry Garth

Barry has lived in Penicuik for over 45 years. One of the founding members of the church he continues to serve as an elder.


John Rawlinson

John lives near Musselburgh and works in Edinburgh. A member of the church for over 15 years he became an elder in 2017.


David Shedden

David has lived in Penicuik since 2015. He was appointed pastor elder within the church in August 2014. David's work includes preaching and teaching as well as other pastoral duties.